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About Waterotor

The Unique Features

Designed to control the flow of water to sprinkler lines without the use of solenoid valves, the Waterotor comes in four and six outlet models. Six outlet models can serve as three outlet valves and four outlet models as two outlet

Both the water inlets and outlets, which we refer to as ports, are threaded to receive 20mm plastic fittings

The entire flow of water from the inlet line is switched to each of the outlet lines in a continuous sequential manner without electrical or mechanical control.

Water flowing through the Waterotor turns an impellor, which through gearing opens internal valves to deliver an equal amount of water to each outlet.

The water supply to the Waterotor can be from an existing garden tap, with on/off simply initiated by turning the tap on and off, or by installing a suitable timer or single solenoid valve to control on/off times.

While water is flowing through the Waterotor it will continue to cycle through the outlet lines, delivering an equal amount of water to each and repeating the cycle until the flow is turned off. A cycle takes about 20 minutes, depending on volume of water passing through the Waterotor.

Water supply can also be from a suitable pump, in which case the flow to the Waterotor is controlled by turning the pump on and off.

Any water suitable for plant growth can be passed through the Waterotor, which is corrosion resistant. The water however must be free from solid contaminents which can lodge in the internal mechanism and cause malfunction, as with any irrigation control valve.

There is a minimum water flow requirement of about 18 litres per minute passing through the Waterotor to ensure trouble free operation. If the speed of the flow is too slow the impellor stops turning and the valve will not change from port to port.

The principle is much the same as a windmill, with a steady wind the windmill keeps turning, but if there is too little wind, it stops turning.

This minimum flow requirement must be considered as part of design criteria for any irrirgation system using the Waterotor.

For more information please refer to System Design.

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